Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yay! Done! Sort of

I finished my journal! I filled up the last page right down to the very last line. My new old journal is hardcover, and since I like to tape things into it- get well cards, handouts from church/4H, poems, quotes, pictures that don't have a home, invitations, tickets, thank you cards, letters, and anything else addressed to me (or not) and not nailed down- it no longer closes all the way. Or even any of the way. There's somewhat open and more open than that. Well, having a somewhat open book sitting around for the next sixty years or so (I am completely honest in my journals, on the understanding that they won't be read until after my death; if someone jumps the gun and reads them before then, I'm sure that their death can be arranged) isn't too good for the book. Plus I have some really pretty blue ribbon I won't use for anything else. I have almost two and a half yards of this ribbon. I used all of it to tie the journal shut. Now, not only does it look nice and cute- I tied it to look like those old paper and string packages- but having the journal thoroughly tied shut will deter casual readers. Not so casual ones, no, but I already went over that.
So now I have a new journal. It's bigger than the last one, spiral bound, and is yellow with pretty flowers on it. I don't normally go for floral, but it's stylized floral, so I like it anyway. And I've already taped a graduation announcement into it.
I'll need ribbon for this one too.

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  1. I love it! I will keep in mind that I need to be extra sneaky-sneaky if I ever aspire to read your journal. (; Congrats on finishing it! I'm totally stealing your idea; I love the concept of putting all those bits and pieces of paper that make up my life directly into my journal.