Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today- in case you're like me and never look at the calendar- is Thursday. The last day of studying before the SAT. Tomorrow is Friday, when I am supposed to do anything but think about the test. Considering how much the house has been neglected the last few months (what do you mean, it's only been three weeks?), I suspect cleaning will be involved. And then there's Saturday- a day of rejoicing for most- when I will march forth to die honorably like a true samurai. (You may find more than one or two Japanese culture references here. We watch a lot of Japanese anime. In Japanese, to the point that we notice when the translator messed up with the subtitles.)
I tell you this because everyone seems to wonder what it's like to have x amount of time left to live. It's like taking a test that you have obsessed over, thought of, dreamed about, wondered about, spun daydreams around, turned into your entire life. And realizing that when you've taken the test, you'll leave that life behind. And you're not sure that there's going to be much left over.
Oh well. I'm sure the kitty will help with rehabilitation.

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  1. This seems anti-climatic after the DOOM in your post, but - good luck! (: You'll do fine.