Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ha! Take that!

It would be asking for it if I said that I aced the SAT. Instead I'll say that I believe I did well, and leave it at that. (I totally stomped the essay, though.)
Life is good again. Plus, the Horde isn't coming today; they'll arrive on Tuesday. And I have next week off of school.
Getting into the testing center was interesting. My photo ID didn't come, so all I had was the piece of paper that said it was supposed to count. They could have easily thrown us out, and they did keep us waiting for about twenty minutes after we got to the front of the line for an administrator (nameless) to come break the rules. The impression I got from the desk lady was that she didn't want to be the one to break the rules, and the impression the administrator gave was that she didn't care. At that point though, all the real rooms were full up, so they shuffled the trouble makers (me and four others who were similarly unidentified; sorry, College Board) into a small room- entrance hall, really- with windows for walls. They couldn't have chosen a more distracting place. Every time someone walked by outside my head flicked up to see if it was a heavenly messenger come to liberate me from the most uncomfortable seat I've ever had to sit on for four and a half hours. It never was. And then, since it took us so long to get started, the other rooms got out before we did. They streamed out right past our room while we were still on the last section, and I got to watch them run out, rejoicing in freedom, while my back began to draft a declaration of war (I don't have a good back and benches turn good backs into grouchy backs anyway). In the end, the proctor looked around- she could hear the cries of rejoicing too- and asked everyone individually if they were done. They were. She declared the testing center closed and let us go a whole two minutes early.
Miracles that occurred on testing day: We found the place. Don't underestimate that. If you live in the country you're supposed to know where everything is, so nothing is labeled. It's like England in WWII. We got there in time. It's an hour drive, supposed to start at seven, and I got up at five thirty so I could eat. Food is good. They let me in. Enough said about that. I wasn't panicked or stressed- and considering how I usually feel when I'm in a strange place surrounded by strange people with no support team? Definite miracle. The Teacher was more stressed out than I was. And the questions were easier than the ones I was practicing for during the last three weeks.
So. I'm a Senior now. And I've taken the SAT. And I'm never ever going to take it again.


  1. Hooray!!! Congrats!!! I felt the same way after finishing the SAT - I could have attempted it again for a higher score, but I honestly didn't care enough to put myself through that again. (:

    I'm so happy for you!!!

  2. tests and paperwork should be taken by their creaters. only with no sleep,no food, and in front of a firing squad!