Monday, June 15, 2009

(Higher) Education

I have taken the SAT. I have threatened the College Board into sending my scores to three colleges. (It would have been more but they refused to accept several colleges I wanted.) And I'm becoming increasingly convinced that I should follow in the steps of the founding fathers. There were many of them who got to third grade, and then just educated themselves after that. My problem is that I have no compelling reason to go to college. I have good reasons, yes, but not a single compelling one.
Everyone is so convinced that college is imperative that they don't stop to reason out or explain why. They haven't managed to convince me. At this rate I'm going to go to a community college, get a two year degree in history or something else not too boring, and move on in life.
(In other news, I am now mean cruel wicked step-cousin Peaches. One of the little kids was being a brat; I got fed up with everyone else's kow-towing to the whims of the three year old, and dressed her myself. You would have thought I was breaking out the thumbscrews and whips. This was about fifteen minutes ago; she started screaming and hasn't stopped yet. So now she's supposed to take a nap, and I get to sit in the same room with her and ignore her until she tries to make a break for it. Serves me right for inflicting overalls on her. Her life is so hard.)

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  1. Hmmmmm. Well, I'll give it a shot:

    - Your life may not work out as you planned it. Supporting yourself and/or family may be necessary. College degree = more options and more money. You could do the exact same job as someone else, but if they have a piece of paper saying they went to college, they'll be making thousands (or tens of thousands) more than you, assuming you could get that job without a college degree in the first place.

    - You yourself will be a more educated person. Intelligence is one of the few things we get to take with us out of this life. Isn't that worth working for?

    - By the time you decide that hey, a college degree would be a nice thing to have, your options may be much more limited. I have yet to finish college, but for obvious reasons, I can't just drop everything and become a full-time student. Get it over with while you're young and healthy and unfettered.

    - You can make some great friends in college; more so when you're away from home and actually living with them than just taking classes at a community college. Greg and I are still very good friends with many of his old college roommates and their families.

    . . .

    Good enough. Maybe not compelling, but all valid.