Sunday, July 26, 2009

Her Famine, My Feast

The Teacher is on an Internet fast right now. For ten days, she says. (Since I like having the computer to myself, I will withhold skepticism.)

The Teacher spends a lot of time on the computer. A LOT. This is partly because she has fibromyalgia, can't do strenuous activities- like scrubbing pots- blah blah blah. But if we're going to be honest- and why shouldn't I be?- she's had a not-so-mild addiction to surfing for at least four and a half years. Once when it was really bad I started having nightmares about it. There was a chainsaw-murderer running around outside and I had to go and fight him because he was going to kill a nameless (nameless in the dream, I mean, not nameless for privacy; the neighbors we really had at the time didn't really talk to us) neighbor/best friend. And I tried to get the Teacher to come help me, but she was sitting in front of the computer and wouldn't get up. She wouldn't say anything, either. So I went out to fight the chainsaw maniac alone. And then when he had already seen me and it was too late to go back, I realized I had forgotten to get a weapon.

And then I woke up.

So the point is, I fully support the Teacher in her fast this week.

Having the computer to do my own unlimited surfing during my one week of grace before the writing and then the SAT descend on me has little to do with it. Honest. Cross my heart.

Now, what does Janet Reid have to say today?

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  1. Enjoy it while it lasts, chickie. (:

    And that sounds like a super-creepy nightmare! Eek! I had a few kind of like that, which still creep me out when I think of them.