Sunday, July 19, 2009

In Which It's All My Fault

I admit it. I procrastinated. I had all week to get this stuff done. Admittedly it was a busy week, running hither and yon, but there were many hour long gaps where I didn't have anything scheduled. I could have gotten some of this done then.

Tomorrow is Girls Camp. I despise Girls Camp. So of course I'm going ('optionally', ho ho ho) as a youth leader. And I suppose I'll manage to have fun anyway. I better. But I will not have fun because it's Girls Camp. I'll have fun because I have the will to overcome obstacles in the path of happiness. Including, but not limited to, Girls Camp.

I have two presentations to teach, including several getting-to-know-you games I need to prepare to play with my girls. I still need to pack. And my leaders aren't really talking to me, so I don't have a clue of really what will happen this week- but I'm supposed to be part of being 'in charge' of it all.

Girls Camp is a joke. One of those jokes that are so far on the other side of not-funny that you want to punch the joker.

I am aware that this is blasphemy, heresy, and proves once and for all my origin from another planet. People stare at me like I've grown a third eye when I say I hate Girls Camp. It's like saying I hate chocolate.

A while ago, when I was griping about Girls Camp, the Teacher joked that it would serve me right if I became Girls Camp director someday. But if I was the director for Girls Camp, I'd change so many things it wouldn't be Girls Camp anymore. So if you like Girls Camp the way it is, pray I'll never get that calling.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I'm insanely busy and stressed and I won't be back until Friday, and probably won't post again until Saturday.

The only good thing about this is that it's my last year. They can't make me go again next year no matter what.

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  1. Call me if you want some ideas for fun Getting-to-know-you games that require little to no prep on your part and are easy and fun. Good luck! Love you!