Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pig Person

Today in Sunday School the teacher gave us all paper and pens and told us to draw a pig. Well, a pig is pretty simple- two ovals, four legs, and a curly tail. So I finished drawing my pig before anyone else did. So I gave my pig spectacles. No one else was done. I added a Brigham Young beard. No one else was done. I gave him a waistcoat. And then I gave the waistcoat stripes. And then I gave it a watch chain. And buttons. And a bow on the tail, even though the bow didn't really match the rest of the outfit, because I was running out of ideas.

And then the teacher told us that it was a personality test. And the kind of pig I drew says that I'm a pessimistic, analytic, devil's advocate, distrustful, won't-avoid-debate-but-doesn't-seek-it-out-either kind of person. Well, I had fun laughing about this with my classmates. Too bad the teacher didn't have a way to tie it into the lesson.

And then I shared this with my parents on the way home. And the Teacher laughed, and then she said: "The funny part is that you have all of those character traits."

So much for the kind, nurturing, supportive atmosphere of home.

P.S.: Seminary starts on the 24th. There are two twins coming to seminary (move-ins). It used to be that one of them had the beginning of a beard and the other one didn't. Now the beard has disappeared and they are identical. And the Teacher has been wailing and gnashing her teeth and saying stuff like "I can't believe he shaved it! Now what am I going to do?!"

Feel free to laugh at her discomfort at any time. I am.

... you have all those character traits. Hmmph.


  1. Ha! I'd love to see the picture of that pig. Even more, I'd like to know what kind of teacher pulls that on students without even the benefit of tying it into the lesson. (Do this thing I tell you. Now I'm going to tell you what a terrible person you are. Hmmmph indeed.)

    DO you think you're pessimistic? I wouldn't have pegged you as such. Nothing wrong with being analytic or playing devil's advocate. Distrustful . . . well, that's appropriate in situations where a person hasn't earned trust, but you also know how to trust when needed, too. Nothing wrong with debate, either.

    Still, I fail to see how having someone draw one picture (regardless of what it is, but ESPECIALLY a pig . . . I mean, come on!) can suddenly reveal everything about their innermost selves. Nope. I just don't buy it.

  2. how we express ourselves is what tells others what we are like. that can include such things as how we orginize our room/house, how we stack things, what we say, and what we wear. Even how we lay a floor plan! scary huh.