Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And in Darkness You Will Find Light

It rained this morning. (Although it was so early this morning I'm tempted to call it last night. It should be illegal to have to go somewhere at six.) And since this is Texas, and we're in a drought, it didn't just rain, it dumped. Buckets of big, fat drops. And lightning. And thunder. And squeaky windshield wipers.

Everyone got to seminary all right, although there was lots of squealing involved. We had opening exercises (the mastery scripture this week is 2 Nephi 2:25, and I've issued an ultimatum to the class that they have to memorize it before the end of the week) and the lesson started.

And then the power flickered, came back, and then went out for good. After a few hopefuls asking if we could cancel seminary, (the Teacher said NO), and a few more people called back into seats (why do people jump up when the lights go out? do they think their chair has become a bear trap, or that the electricity will come back if they flip the switch a few dozen times?), we had seminary in the dark. We used the lights of open cell phones to read the board and the few scriptures the Teacher decided were too important to miss.

Now, having seminary in the dark seems really cool. It could have been an amazing spiritual experience for everyone to talk about scriptures and eternal truths in the dark. It could have been like an impromptu testimony meeting. (Of course every seminary day could be like that, but seminary in the DARK seems so much more.... cool.) It wasn't, of course. The class isn't ready for that yet. But it was still cool to sit in the dark and watch the rain stream off the roof and see lightning and thunder... I spent the first thirteen years of my life in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I still miss tornado season.

Anyway, maybe we'll get lucky. Maybe Heavenly Father will give us another chance in the spring when the class is ready for more and He'll short out the electricity again. We can always hope.

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  1. I think it is so awesome that you kept going even with the lights out! And yes . . . yes, chairs DO become bear traps when the lights are out. How did you not know this before? (: