Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Days of Honor Have Returned!

Honor! Duels! Seminary Tournament!

(Quick summary: everyone's name was randomly drawn from a bucket and listed on the whiteboard. You may challenge anyone one to two places ahead of you to a scripture chase duel. You may not challenge anyone below you, but they may challenge you.)

I am a knight in black armor, carrying a gold flag and riding a burgundy-rose horse (my three-in-one). My honor goes untarnished as I charge through the ranks, unhorsing all comers! My honor is challenged but goes undefeated!

(I've read the Book of Mormon five times this year. We're covering the BOM in seminary. To say that I have an edge is like saying a samurai blade is sharp.)

People flee before my ascending glory! (I challenged one girl and she literally ran away, because, oh darn, it was time for her to go. It reminded me of Potipher's wife.)

P.S.: I need to buy some hamsters. The Teacher must be punished. I will not say why. Honor is discrete.

1 comment:

  1. EEEE! Hamsters are so cute! Especially the little Nigerian Dwarf hamsters I saw recently - if we didn't have cats in the house, I TOTALLY would have caved and bought one for Spencer! But why hamsters?

    Congrats on your untarnished victory! I could have given you a run for your money, back in the day . . . your uncle Clark made a computer program that would randomly show one of the clues (either the reference, first line, or summary), and we'd find it and hit the keyboard. It would tell us how many seconds we took. We would usually get it within 3 or 4 seconds. And this was back when there were 40 a year to memorize, not 25! We took Regional with our zone at Super Saturday that year. (: