Friday, October 30, 2009

Roadblock: New and Improved

Every morning we leave before it gets light. Every morning there are at least two (usually three) furry mounds waiting outside the door waiting for us to come out. I say outside the door- I think I mean on top of it. Her Majesty the cat is spooky- she's been stepped on too often- and usually gets out of the way when you wave a foot over her head. But the not-really-kittens-anymore still completely trust that of course we won't step on them. So they don't move. The only reason they aren't very flat is that they glow in the dark.

I think I should write about this to the Texas road department, if there is one. Their roadblocks don't keep moving to cut you off. They don't meow or purr or stare up at you with huge eyes either. They're obviously obsolete.


  1. Your cats glow in the dark? What on earth are you feeding them? (;

  2. and even when they are trying to kill us they are to cute/funny/allways-been-there-and-if-I get-rid-of-them-I-will-miss-them-terribly, to get rid of.