Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Things I Do

I (more than) once wrote 50,000 words in one week. I ate a three pound bag of m&ms to keep the words coming that quickly.

I once wrote a character who was lame. I spent (I think two) days wearing a long strip of fabric tightly wrapped around my left knee to see what it would be like to be lame.

Now I have a character who can write with both hands. So I'm practicing writing backwards with my left hand. Backwards as in hold it up to the mirror and you can read it. With my left hand. I am not left handed. To say my handwriting is juvenile insults juveniles everywhere.

This character is also a mathematical genius, but you notice I'm not hitting the math books. Devotion to art has its limits.

1 comment:

  1. No doubt. I'd much rather spend two days unable to use my left knee or trying to write backwards with my left hand than hit the math books, too! I've had several friends and teachers try to convince me that math isn't actually evil, but I know better!