Friday, November 13, 2009

Better than Invisibility

I've always thought invisibility would be more difficult than useful. People would step on your foot all the time and never say sorry. They might try to sit on you. They would freak out every time you got hungry and tried to eat, and let's not go near the clothing issue.

It's much better to be ignored than to be invisible.

The Teacher is too sick to drive me to college on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so the Principal has been taking me when he goes to work. Which means I'm getting four or so hours of non-classtime at college. Most of the time I sit outside my Spanish classroom and do the Art homework I've neglected the rest of the week. I am not inconspicuous. With an 18'' by 24'' drawing board and pad on your lap and a 20'' by 30'' (I think) portfolio, a full book bag, and a tackle box that keeps falling over, you wouldn't be either.

But the thing is, as long as your hand keeps moving, people seem to assume that since you're using your hands and eyes your ears must be turned off. Which is completely not true. So I've been overhearing all kinds of conversations in the hall. Which I probably wouldn't if I didn't look so preoccupied. I would feel guilty about this except that I'm in the open where everyone can see me- it's not my fault that they apparently choose not to. Also, it's amazing to me the kinds of things people say in public.

I would try to find a more abandoned hallway, but I like not having to feel like I need to hurry to get to class- it's right there- and anyway, as a writer I need to listen to how people phrase things. It's called dialogue research.

And nosiness. Yes, I was a great admirer of Harriet the Spy. No, I've never gone that far.


  1. It's true! I've always wondered why people think that if your eyes are pointed elsewhere, your ears aren't listening to them. Sometimes I've *wished* I couldn't hear them - it truly is amazing what people will say out in public! (;

  2. I would like to be in that sort of situation cause I am nosy.