Monday, January 25, 2010

Does Anyone Else Do This?

The Teacher wants to teach me to run her blender.

I don't want to learn.

This is because I glory in my ignorance and the sure knowledge that as long as I can claim not to know what I'm doing she'll make her own smoothies in case I break it. It's a nice blender.

But if she teaches me to use it then I KNOW that first once a week, then twice a week, then every single day, she's going to ask me to make her smoothie for her. I won't be able to say no because 1) I'll know how, 2) she'll know I know, 3) her smoothies are essential to her continued survival, and so 4) if I refuse I'll feel like a selfish, small-minded git.

(I don't know what a git is. I read it in Harry Potter. I'm assuming it's a blood-sucking insect related to the common mosquito, but bigger and bright blue with a tiny head. If you know what a git is and I'm wrong, please don't correct me. I have learned from sad experience that I always like my definitions better than the 'official' ones.)

You could argue that I'm being selfish now, and you wouldn't be wrong, but this way I only feel slightly bad about it, instead of very bad.

1 comment:

  1. Ignorance is bliss, right? This will only work for so long, though. I got fed up the other day with Colin's "I don't know HOW to put the hamster wheel on - Spencer needs to do it" excuse, and personally supervised him doing it (which he could without a problem, of course).

    Won't you just feel terrible if there's a day your mom is truly down for the count, and nothing would make her feel better than a smoothie, and you DIDN'T KNOW HOW to do it!?!? (;