Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ambition for Wealth

There are some books I shouldn't like that I read for fun. The most recent example is The Millionaire Next Door. I can tell as I'm reading it that it's on the dry side and the authors certainly didn't have me in mind as their audience, but it's interesting and (to me) enjoyable.

Other books I've not-so-secretly read include The Courage to be Rich (so-so) and The Total Money Makeover (awesome!).

And from these books, I've drawn certain conclusions.

1-I'm poor.

2-I would like to be rich.

3-Becoming rich is hard.

4-Staying rich is harder.

5-It's easier to look rich than it is to be rich.

6-Most things you have to do to become rich are boring.

7-So are the things you do to stay rich.

8-Writers usually do not become rich.

9-Sadly, I want to be a writer more than I want to be rich.

10-Rich people usually act poor, especially during the becoming rich stage.

11-Writers traditionally are poor, so no problem there.

12-It would be cool to live in an RV park, wouldn't it? It would be like living in a nomadic village. And Jane Austen said that a small village is just the thing for a writer.

13-Sorry. Sidetracked.

14-I'm going to be a writer and rich. So there. Feel free to call in forty years to ask how it's going.

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  1. Just remember your favorite auntie when you're rolling in the dough. (;