Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Atlas

I have a driver's license. This means that if I ask my mom to drive me into the scary big city, she mocks me. Mercilessly. So this morning I struck out towards courage instead of fear and claimed the Austin atlas (okay, Mom gave it to me). I located my (two) campuses. I marked them with x's. I chose the safest and most uncomplicated route to and from school. Mom highlighted it with yellow, because she wanted to color too. I highlighted the long edge of every page that had part of that route on it. (Think seminary mastery scripture.) I highlighted it with pink. Because I hate pink, so I won't use it for anything else. (Following this same logic, purple would have been a very bad choice.)

I, Peaches, WILL NOT BE LOST. Even if I have to memorize the entire atlas.

I hope I don't have to. It's pretty thick.

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