Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hamster Wheel Remix

Study study study study study study pant pant pant study study study (repeat endlessly).
I took a practice test the day before yesterday. I graded it yesterday.
There's a possible scaled score of 2400 on the SAT. I scored 1870. Which is probably higher than average because I scored average in math and writing and excellent in reading. (Is anyone surprised?) I want to bring it up, though, because although I don't mind having average math skills, I resent being an average writer. So my goal is to raise my score by thirty points to get to 1900.
The Teacher has now graded two of my practice essays. I don't think I'll ask her to grade them anymore. I could write Hamlet in miniature and she would still find something wrong with it. (Okay maybe that's not fair but I see no point in beating myself endlessly on this particular rock when there are so many other rocks to choose from.) Anyway, a score of five out of a possible six isn't bad.
When I have kids that I'm homeschooling, I'm going to give them more than three weeks' notice before they take the SAT.

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