Friday, May 29, 2009

To be?

Tired. Considering taking a half day today, since there's no point in studying so hard that I wipe myself out and score horribly on the SAT.
Today was the last day of seminary. (Hooray!) It was the last day of school for 99% of my friends. (Booo!) (One of my friends is home schooled. And she's graduated. So while she's not goofing off, I don't think she's doing school either.)
Too tired to think of anything interesting to say, except that I'm weird. I haven't come across an essay question yet that I could agree with. I can't even disagree normally. All these questions about do I think government money should be spent on this or on that. And all I can think is Duh, I don't want the government to spend money at all. Certainly not my money. (It's not spending my money yet, but it will be.) But if you don't write your essay on the topic provided you get a score of zero. So I've been doing a lot of contortions to write on topic and still be honest to what I think. Example: I wrote an essay about how the space program should be continued because it helps save the environment. No joke. It was that or say Yes! I want another dead weight welfare program draining resources we don't have! And I'm too honest to be able to argue that.
It's terrible, what believing liars go to Hell will do for you. Even though the space program is cool.

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