Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fly! All Is Discovered!

I read that there's a famous quote that says (yes, this is such accurate first-hand reporting) nine people out of ten will leave their houses without packing or stopping to wonder what's discovered and who you think you are. This says either a lot about human nature or the unknown speaker's opinion of human nature. I'm inclined to the latter.

As it is, I'm not flying and I am packing and you won't hear from me again until Saturday at the earliest. I venture forth tomorrow into a place with no Internet. And no ipods. Or gameboys. In theory, anyway, but my experience of enforcement in these things is varied. I'm not bringing my gameboy because I expect to have better things to do and I don't have an ipod.

In other words: Especially For Youth! I'm set for a week of crazy scheduling, sleep deprivation, unhealthy (they SAY it's healthy but how can something that tastes like processed plastic and wet cardboard be good for you? I've grown up on REAL homemade food, and have no respect for cafeteria food. At all.) food, people I probably won't know even by the end of the week (I'm sorry, I don't make high velocity friendships; I need more than one insanely busy week to awaken any desire to stay in touch with you, whats-your-name), and really, really, really intense spiritual experiences. And pizza.

In other news- recap time- yesterday I went to Corpus Christi with the Principal and the best birthday present ever. (Well, maybe it ties for first with the watch I got last year. I really love my watch. But only maybe.) He gave me a hundred dollars in one dollar bills. The strings: he had to be present when it was spent. So we went to the beach and watched clams bury themselves, and threw bread at seagulls, and went to HEB and spent way too much getting a picnic lunch, and went to the bookstore, and went to the aquarium, and went to CiCi's Pizza (root beer! Greasy goodness! Really unhealthy desert! More root beer!), and went to the bookstore again. It was awesome.

Oh, and I love capitalism. I'm doing a miniature NaNoWriMo this summer (like NaNoWriMo in November, but compressed into one week, the idea being it's easier to clear one week completely than it is to fend off house guests in November, for crying out loud; I think the NaNoWriMo founders were either bachelors or in disgrace with their in-laws or happily too far away to be visited; I am none of those things, except maybe the bachelor and I'm fairly sure I have to be older to be that), and I wanted a reference book to help me come up with code names for large portions of my characters. I wanted, basically, an index of Catholic saints complete with a little paragraph about their origins and what they're saint of or against. (Really disappointing: there are saints of thieves and against gallstones, but nothing for insomnia. I see a hole in the market.) I went to the religion section, wandered around, and found exactly what I wanted with minimum effort and no research. Which brings me back to loving capitalism. Supply and demand: I demanded (sort of) a saint index, and an enterprising soul supplied it. I love America. You can get anything here. (Not, admittedly, always a good thing, but I'm being positive.)

PS- does the splitting up paragraphs make a difference in readability? Yes? No? Maybe?
See you in the far distant future.


  1. Yes! The splitting up paragraphs helped a lot! (:

    I hope you have a BLAST at EFY. I'm a teensy bit jealous. I would have loved to have gone at least once. Ah well.

    Your birthday Saturday outing sounds incredibly fun!!! I would have loved it. I look forward to being regaled with names of lesser-known Saints and what they were known for. (:

    You're still coming next week, right????

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