Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm Back! Sort of

Well, I'm back from EFY- for a given value of back. I'm actually at my aunt's house. (Here I go pretending anyone who doesn't already know this actually reads my blog.)
She has found traces of an office in one of the rooms of her house, and has called me in to help excavate it. We'll begin by removing the top layer of dust from the fossil underneath. (The dust is composed, as far as I've seen, of wood fragments (papers, cards) and small gravel (everything else on the floor).) When the dust has been analyzed and disposed of, we'll get out the hammers and chisels and start knocking off the large pieces of extraneous stone. (Excess furniture that needs a new home.) Then we'll begin with the brushes, moving carefully so as not to damage the artifact underneath, but quickly, as some things, like newly excavated offices, can be damaged by overexposure to procrastination and needs to be removed to a safe place as soon as possible. This archaeological project will be hopefully completed (or at least majorly progressed) by Friday, when she'll throw me out of the house and take me back home to my kittens. I miss my kitties. But some sacrifices must be made in pursuit of knowledge, science, and bossing someone else around. (She did this for us a few months ago, and a year or so before that. What goes around comes around.)
And so now I boldly go where no man has gone before... tomorrow.

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