Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I know this is the second post today, but I just have to comment: I'm sixteen. In a week (or two, I'm not counting) I'll be seventeen. You would think that I would have experienced enough cognitive development by now to be able to be able prepare for a weekend trip without the list of things such as 'remember to tie your shoes' and 'don't run with scissors'.
Example: "J is a new driver. She's been driving for a while, so I'm sure you'll be fine (so why are you bringing it up?) but just remember what you already know (see last parenthesis), that statistically speaking teenage drivers get into a lot of car accidents because they get silly with their friends in the car. (Silence.) So don't get silly in the car, okay?"
Thoughts that run through my head:
I'm going to be learning to drive soon myself and expect that I'll remember J is a new driver just out of preemptive sympathetic fear.
And what makes you think I have control over being silly.
Me: "Okay." Meaning: I have heard what you have spoken and acknowledge it as probably sound advice but I'll admit it over my dead body.


  1. So what was your mom expected to do in this situation? Honestly, I don't know if I'd LET my kids ride with a new driver! The guy who pulled out from a gas station and smashed into me when I just driving down the street was a new driver. That sent me into oncoming traffic where I got hit AGAIN by someone going 60 mph. Totaled my car, sent me to the hospital, broke some things, ended up having me be in a wheelchair on my honeymoon 5 weeks later.

    So yeah, don't get me started on the dangers of new drivers. EVERYONE starts out as a new driver, so it's not a specific prejudice against one person, but the fact is that driving takes practice and experience before you are a safer driver.

    Be content with the fact that your mom loves you enough to give you those kinds of reminders, while not being so overprotective as to not let you ride with her at all!

    (I'm just not sympathetic at all on this matter. Sorry. I'm a mom, too.) (;

  2. I think I need some teenage readers. Parents have a chronic disability of always being in the right. Even when they're wrong. (Not to say that you are, but still.)

  3. parents have veto power too. and also you do too have teen readers! they just have sceduals.(curent parent veto, old parent veto, (or I have the password!(never mind how I got it.)