Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Excavation Underway

At this point in our archaeological venture only an expert (or extremely hopeful optimist) can detect the signs of an underlying office. This is the 'before-before' picture, taken before I arrived.

This is what we did Sunday evening when we were bored and didn't have much else to do. It consisted mostly of moving mess from one surface to another, but having a floor was very useful the next day.

Here the floor has begun to disappear again, but the office is emerging. At this point, we've removed three pieces of furniture and brought two in (one of them one of the ones we removed, brought it to hold things off the floor so we can walk around. Walking is nice. You can't see it in the picture, but if you could see it, I would advise you not to get attached because it's not staying.) The desk has been rotated to the window, one of the bookshelves was moved to a different wall with the other bookshelves, another bookshelf/cabinet was moved to the garage to start a new life as a pantry, and the microwave cart has mysteriously evaporated.

Here are the books as they look now. Be glad you didn't see how they started. The brown bookcase is the one we moved. The next item on the excavation checklist is to re-excavate the floor and get rid of enough stuff so that the floor is no longer a filing cabinet.

This has actually been a lot of fun. Hard work, but fun. And all the little trinkets from ancient times bestowed on the native worker don't hurt either. Two words: Chocolate. Fish. It weighs more than a pound. Life is good when you're an archaeologist and you don't have to register all these little finds with whoever archaeologists register. Treasure is everywhere.

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