Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Teacher is very martyred right now. Groans and moans and variations of 'my life is hard' are the order of the day right now.

Being young and insensitive and unfeeling and never having had to do a gall stone flush myself, my sympathy is limited. All that groaning gets old after a while, after all. And she does this about once a month. It's becoming routine.

Right now I'm participating in a contest over at Writer Unboxed, one of the blogs I follow. We're making up analogies. Right now mine is the second comment, but since it's a week-long contest and we're allowed multiple entries, I expect to post again.

I'm considering saying that 'his body was like a limp hot dog; all the good stuff fell out long ago and the bun is disintegrating in the grease.'

Go check it out.

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