Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of Seminary

My partner asked me why Jesus is Jewish instead of Hispanic (which is what he is).

I answered. At length. Much more at length then the rest of the class, who actually got to answer the question that was supposed to be asked. So as I wrapped up the Jewish question, he asked me why the true church wasn't on the earth when Joseph Smith found the scriptures, and from tone and expression I'm guessing that this was a real question that he actually cared about. I started to answer and got cut off because everybody else was done and it was time to move the lesson on.

I spent the rest of the lesson and the ride home stewing about how unfair it was for me to get cut off- and I mean cut in every sense of the word- and how stressed I am about school. (Very stressed.) Then I got home and took Rescue Remedy and ate breakfast and I'm suddenly feeling much happier about life.

But the thing is that this partner is going to be my partner for the next two weeks. And if he's willing to be a turkey on the first day of seminary, you know he's not going to stop.

And so I, Peaches, hereby resolve: I refuse to be out-turkeyed by anyone. And especially by him. If he had asked anyone else that question, they would have been flustered, not known what to say, and would have given him lots and lots of material to be a turkey with. I answered it. He had to shut up to hear the answer. And when it was answered he stopped being a turkey, because it's hard to be a turkey when people meet you straight on.

That is the sound of armor being girded and chargers being mounted. Into battle I do go: I will not be out-turkeyed. I'm in the saddle now, and won't be thrown off again. So there.

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