Friday, August 28, 2009

Not That We Didn't Already Know, But-

I'm taking Spanish I and Drawing I.

I love Spanish. The teacher is cute (she reminds me of my friend's mom) and kind. The textbook is easy to understand. I feel like I've learned a lot in two classes. There is a very professional air in the room- everyone is serious about learning, is paying attention, is engaged. Everyone is clean and courteous and all the boring but civilized things people who aren't like to make fun of. I like it.

Art has a very different atmosphere. If there's anything professional about it, it's a profession I haven't heard of. I heard one person invite another to go out for a smoke during the break. People keep using the ****ing word about art supplies and I wasn't aware that inanimate objects were capable of that particular function. The three letter word for butt keeps coming up, and also the things that come out of the butt. They laugh hysterically about things that would barely make me smile- if I thought they were funny at all.

Case in point: one of my classmates was going to a university. Someone heard him say the name, and said "Oh, that's a nice place. Why are you here, then?"

"I had too much fun. I was drinking every day, and so they kicked me out."

Rest of class, out loud: HAhahahaha!

Me, in my head: What's funny about that? You deliberately destroyed your future and shot your quality of living in the foot. It's not impossible to make a living without a nice degree, but you'll have to work that much harder the rest of your life. And if you were stupid enough to drink your way out of college, I doubt you're smart enough to make that choice. You haven't ruined your future, but you've certainly made it harder and darker and most probably poorer than it needed to be. What's funny about that?

And speaking as someone trying to get into college, it is offensive to me that you find getting kicked out funny.

So yeah, we already knew this, but I'm a sheltered goody-two-shoes. Easily shocked and appalled and unwilling to have fun, that's me.

But if I weren't too goody-goody to waste money gambling I'd lay you odds that in twenty years I'm happier with my life than he his with his.

P.S.- The drawing part of Drawing I is actually fun. It's the class atmosphere I'm complaining about.

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  1. Atmosphere is an interesting thing. I've had to leave certain places (online and in real life) because I just wasn't comfortable there - but how do you do that when you're in a class trying to get an education? Oh, and I would second that bet of yours (if I gambled). (: