Thursday, September 24, 2009


This is my 100th post! And I actually swore when I started my blog that I wasn't going to do those lame cop-out 'it's the anniversary' posts some blogs (and web-comics) do. Just as I don't plan to ever sit down and do a specific post for Christmas, or Thanksgiving. You know what a holiday is. You can figure it out yourself.

But 100 is just cool. I'll feel the same way about 1000. Sorry.

10 things (I'm not doing a hundred, sorry) I plan to do someday, and that might get blogged about here:

1: Publish my first book.

2: Own a dog. The Perfect Dog, so this will take a while. I want it to be a her so I can name her Lacey.

3: Have a husband to cut the brisket for me. (Do you have any idea how long it takes to slice brisket?)

4: Know enough Spanish to visit Colombia without a guide. Or any hispanic country without a guide. I want to see those dancers with the loud shoes and the red skirts that look like roses would look like if roses danced.

5: Spend four to five to six months in Washington, D.C. The capitol! The Library of Congress! The Smithsonian Museum!

6: Graduate from high school someday. It's a stretch, hard to imagine, but it might happen.

7: Join a critique group. With real writers. The awesomeness of that overwhelms me even as I write.

8: Write one poem a day for a year. Just to see if I can.

9: Find out what it's like to be in love, and see if my theory that it damages your brain is correct. (All my current observations bear out this hypothesis, but more testing is necessary before it can become Scientific Law. Or so I'm told.)

10: Publish my second book.

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  1. Woah - 100 posts already? Really? Congrats!

    Good luck on your goals - especially your quest for a perfect dog - I'm not sure such a thing exists! (;

    I'll add another one for you:

    11. Start putting more photos on my blog

    You're welcome. (: