Sunday, September 20, 2009

Really Random

Things that make me happy:

Geckos on the window screen faithfully chasing bugs.

Two orange kittens who almost love me more than food.

Stickers on my scripture mastery cards.

Five dollar jewelry. (I bought a pearl seagull and felt guilty about it until I saw something at Sam's I also liked for four hundred and seventy dollars. Relativity is everything.)

Spanish class. Because my teacher reminds me of Sister Gere, and I don't know why else.

Comments on my blog.

Things that make me unhappy:

My watch died. I dropped it and it came apart in pieces and when we put it back together it was cold and dead. Sob.

Thing that made me laugh today:

N, who sprayed me with smelly blue glitter stuff because I was asking what time it was every ten minutes. During class(es). Because my watch is dead. And because apparently having a watch has made me addicted to knowing what time it is. It just makes me feel better. And she also thought I would be less likely to murder her than A would. And I was wearing a black shirt. And she could.

Two orange kittens.



1 comment:

  1. What a fun and happy post! (Except the part about your watch. RIP, watch.)

    Things that have recently made me happy:

    - seeing a rainbow from up above in an airplane
    - people who were willing to take us to and from the airport so we didn't have to pay for 11 days of parking
    - fireworks over a lake
    - finding a super-cute Tink shirt that fit me AND was on sale
    - seeing wonder and joy on my boys' faces
    - reading your blog (:

    - chafing and blisters in various, uncomfortable places from too much walking
    - getting back to reality and realizing I have a LOT to do, but not being out of vacation mindset yet

    Things that have made me laugh so far today:
    - My boys, upon discovering that it's a chilly 65 degrees, putting on thermal shirts, gloves and scarves (talk about Texas wimps!)
    - My cats, who are delighted to see us again but are at pains not to show it TOO much