Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm A Horrible Person

But we already kind of knew that.

I've been sick enough since Sunday that I haven't gone to seminary this week. If it were closer, or if I hated any of them enough to give them what I've got, I would probably have gone, but because of our drive time, seminary is a two hour ordeal. Not up to it.

But I got to hear lots of war stories. If you want to hear the whole deal, talk to the Teacher. I'll summarize: Two of the boys in class are 'currently behavorially challenged'. The climax of their behavior challenge was Tuesday, when one of them lashed out at the Teacher in front of the whole class. As I understand it, it was a public temper tantrum that revolved on several points: You have no right to call my mom when I skip seminary; I was just gassing up my car; you must hate me because you're calling me on the carpet for my behavior; and you're not normal and your daughter isn't either.

Remember that I'm still sick when I hear this story, so I'm not in the mood to be easily amused.

But the whole thing kept me chuckling after I heard it for most of the day. Well, kind of the whole thing. Mostly that last bit.

I'm not normal? You don't say. And how long have you known the sky is blue, sir? And you expect this information to wound or insult? Uh-huh. In fact, I consider this a compliment. A big compliment, because he was obviously being honest if he expected this to be a bomb and he said it anyway.

Mostly this proves what I already knew: he's not as cool as he thinks he is. Or as mature as he thinks he is. (I'm currently estimating his age, based on behavior and not stature, at three and a half.) And he DEFINITELY doesn't know as much as he thinks he does. Not if he thinks that I care about being normal. Or that I care whether or not he approves of me.

Meanwhile the Teacher sniffled and sobbed most of the day- not because he upset her, but because.... I'm not sure exactly why. She explained it more than once, but it didn't make much sense. All I could make of it is that she's upset that they're upset and she's also upset that she can't- being the Teacher- back down or hand the job over to a sub. And she's upset that she has to deal with this at all.

She figured out I thought it was funny pretty quick. She's perceptive that way. And she gave me a variation on the Mother's Curse: someday you're going to have a class like this. And we'll see who laughs then, missy.

I really do enjoy confrontations like this. Not because I enjoy watching people make a fool of themself- which is basically what he did- or because I enjoy having the Teacher sniffle around the house all day- which is what she did. Just because I love it when other people run up against the Teacher and come to a screeching halt. It's a sort of validation. Like getting someone else to eat unsweetened chocolate after someone tricks you into having some. But more funny.

And yes, I'm a horrible person. Enough said.

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  1. Wow. And yikes. That guy has some SERIOUS growing up to do.

    And kudos to you, kiddo (I can still call you that, even though you're taller than me, 'cause I'll ALWAYS be older than you!). Even from someone I didn't like, a remark like that would have devastated me. I'm glad that you are secure enough in yourself to take it for the compliment it really is. (If he's the barometer for "normal," who indeed would want to be there?)