Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Suspicious Mind

I'm a very suspicious person. If you ask to read my writing- any of my writing- I'll give you a long, slow, cowboy-deciding-whether-or-not-to-go-for-that-iron-on-her-hip look.

And then I'll say no.

And I won't change my mind.

I wonder why I have a blog?

On another suspicious note, I was at college today waiting for the elevator when I heard- from one of the elevator shafts- a female scream. No one else waiting for the elevator (or an elevator- there are four) seemed alarmed or even to notice. But immediately I thought "Murder!" and imagined the elevator opening to show a bloody, still warm corpse. Of course the police would be involved. We would be questioned. Remembering a scream would be important to determining the time of death (I regretted once again the death of my watch).

But then! What should I say if asked what I thought when I heard the scream? That my first thought was that someone was attacked? Surely that would bring more suspicion towards me, which would slow the capture of the real murderer. But you're supposed to be honest with the police. But....

The real question here is, which came first? The writer, or the suspicious mind? No one else seemed to think someone had just been stabbed (never mind, garroted; a stabbing would have given the victim time to scream louder and longer than that), or to worry over their statement to the police. But I do this a lot. I hope I never do cross tracks with a real murder. I've plotted so many in my mind that a real one would surely be a disappointment.

PS: It lives! My watch has been resurrected! Bwa-ha-ha!

PS2: The Teacher acquired three new hens today, and found three glossy eggs in her nesting spot. She is mildly ecstatic.

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  1. I still want to know who was screaming and why! Did she see a bug? Did someone tickle her unexpectedly? It is funny that your mind immediately jumped to murder. Maybe you read too many murder mysteries. (;

    Congrats on the watch! And the hens! And the impressive use of the word "garroted!" (;