Saturday, February 13, 2010

Because I'm a Copycat

I stole The Pioneer Woman's post idea for Valentine's Day. (I know, I sort of already did a Valentine's Day post. Too bad.) To read about The Pioneer Woman's adorable insanity, follow the link in the sidebar. But be careful in her cooking section: she uses butter by the stick.

These are random things that I love (abbreviated version):

chickens (from a distance)

cows (also from a distance)

horses (from a slightly smaller distance)

rose bushes

baked potatoes


toned photos

thrift/antique stores





being with someone and not saying anything and not feeling uncomfortable about it


people who are interesting (some of these are better from a distance, but it depends)


good stories

the way my dad's eyes crinkle at the edges when he thinks something's funny

my grandpa for not yelling at me for going into the ditch in his truck

barb wire fences


people who push me

people who don't mind me pushing back

the cutest, most lady-like Spanish teacher in the world (mine)

hot chocolate, popcorn, and unconcerned calorie intake

chocolate ice cream


trying a new Pioneer Woman recipe

laughing at my mom's amazing ability to see things that aren't there (examples: bad handwriting and silver hair)

making people's brains hurt

making a connection between two unconnected things

knowing something

answering questions

asking questions

singing (badly) along with songs on the radio

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  1. Awwww. I like your list. I called Grandpa and told him the line about him, since he's never on the internet. (: