Friday, March 19, 2010

So Apparenty Dementia is Inherited

Because I have it too.

We had a guest this week who was very helpful and well-behaved. She did dishes more than once.

On one level I really appreciated this. On another level, I found myself jumping in to do dishes before she could because she doesn't do them right.

Allow me to elaborate.

The sink on the left is for washing. The sink on the right is for rinsing. Plates go in the drainer next to the sink; they face towards the sink. Silverware goes in the same drainer as the plates until the silverware holders are full and then they can spill into the dishwasher.

Cups go in the top rack in the dishwasher, but I fill up both sides before I ever put them in the middle. Soup bowls go in the center of the top rack, facing towards the dark maw of the dishwasher. After all the soup bowls are in their proper place, I put the salad bowls in next so that they fall over the soup bowls. If somehow a soup bowl escaped my notice I unstack the salad bowls to put the soup bowl in its proper place. Sauce pans and the two small frying pans are also allowed in the top rack. So are lids, plastic containers, and glass jars.

Cutting boards, cookie sheets, the griddle, pizza pans, and any other large flat things go on the bottom rack. So do pots, pans, mixing bowls, and other large things. The bottom rack is always the last one I put things in.

The order of washing is also important. Cups first, always. Then plates. Then bowls and mugs. Then knives. (I do silverware as I go, making sure I've gotten everything out of the sink before I put more dishes in, but I never put knives in. I separate them on the side by the sink and wash them separately one at a time.) Then lids and small frying pans, possibly also the sauce pan. Then, usually, a fresh load of hot water and then all the plastic containers. Plastic holds grease unless the water is really hot, and if it's not hot and clean you're only moving the grease around. I know I could start with the plastic containers in the first load, but I don't want to because it wouldn't be the right way to do it. After the plastic containers I do the large flat things, cutting boards and such. Then I do whatever is left, and if it doesn't all fit in the bottom dishwasher rack I put the extras up with the plates and the silverware. I try to make it all fit.

I think this means I'm not allowed to laugh at the Teacher's Netflix envelope collection anymore.


  1. Yup. It's called being anal. There's nothing really WRONG with it, but don't expect anyone to help you do dishes/laundry/etc. when you have such stringent rules about how you do them! (: (You might loosen up on these things with age. I have - I'm so happy to have someone else do them, I just look the other way.) (;

  2. Ahem, as I see it if they get done often enough then it realy doesn't matter how eficently one stakes them to dry.