Monday, September 14, 2009


This is so not right.

My throat hurt yesterday. I have two tests in college this week, so I was paranoid about getting sick. I ate six oranges (vitamin C) and drank drank drank.

Today I have the flu. My throat hurts and my head hurts and my bones hurt and my eyelids feel swollen and I'm going back and forth between burning up and freezing to death.

To add injury to injury, I still have most of a drawing to complete before tomorrow (if we're optimistic and I'm not dead by then) and three pages of vocabulary I need to polish my memorization on before two Spanish tests in a row.

To add insult to the first injury, today is food day at seminary. The Teacher is taking two huge breakfast casseroles and some bacon and cheese muffins that I helped make. And I'm not going. And one of my friends is a scavenger (in my current mood, I feel like comparing her to a vulture, but that's not really fair; she's much cuter than a vulture) and the odds of me getting any leftovers without me being there to speak for them seem... insignificant, at best.

To add insult to the second injury, we made fresh, hot, homemade rolls yesterday. With butter on top. And they're still in the kitchen. And I can't eat them.

This just sucks.

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  1. Belated sympathies, my dear. Being sick does indeed suck!